Happy 4th of July Banner (Design #2)


  • "Hemming and Grommets" - Banner edges will be folded and hemmed using super strong banner tape AND High quality #2 grommets will be punched into the banner.

    "Hemming Only" - Banner edges will be folded and hemmed using super strong banner tape. No Grommets.

    "Print Only" - No Hemming, No Grommets.

    White Pockets attached to banners with super strong banner tape and grommets; Pipes Up to 1.5 inches

    U shaped Slits for wind

  • If you choose "Yes", a small text "Printed by Updoggbanner" and our logo will be printed in the bottom corner of the banner. You will receive a 5% discount on the banner.

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Did you know that every day, thousands of people leave their homeland to set foot on the land of the free and the home of the brave? It’s that big step they take to begin their American Dream! Come celebrate together with the different nations in the whole world, set aside differences and embrace diversity. Encourage enlightenment with the bright flame of the Statue of Liberty’s torch and greet everyone with a “Happy 4th of July Banner.”

The robed female figure on this banner design represents the Roman goddess Libertas, symbolic of the country’s freedom from oppression and friendship among nations. On her hand is the tabula ansata upon which the date of the American Declaration of Independence is inscribed- July 4, 1776. The annual return of this special day has quickly become a highly anticipated event with all the fireworks, ringing or bells, parades, gatherings, and exciting Fourth of July activities.

As a major midsummer holiday, Independence Day opens up vast opportunities for businesses big and small. Show your American spirit and relive the birth of democracy at your shop or retail store, while boosting sales to the highest potential with the help of a banner. Display attractive 4th of July banners featuring “Liberty Enlightening the World” on her pedestal and the US flag in vibrant colors. Use this Happy 4th of July banner to promote a grand event and attract customers, or and as a backdrop to complement your patriotic theme. Celebrate together with everyone in your neighborhood, church, community, school, office, restaurant, or establishment and spread a Happy 4th of July!