Happy Independence Day Banner (Design #1)


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1776, July Fourth. Signers of the US Declaration of Independence have altogether boldly asserted, “All men are created equal.” This pivotal moment in history triggered the development of a new nation, born out of our forefathers’ vision of democracy that’s brought about a big change in this world. Nothing shows your love for your country than taking part in 4th of July celebrations, and hanging a “Happy Independence Day banner” to extend your freedom greetings!

Homes and businesses across different states exhibit fantastic decor in red, white, and blue patriotic colors. A spectacle of flags are seen right in the front porch of houses, planted along the walkway or staircase, clipped onto windows or hanging on eaves. Creative buntings are gracefully draped along white picket fences along with other festive accents, but your theme just won’t be complete without a perfect-fitting Happy Independence Day Banner!

Beautifully crafted pleated fan flags on either side of “Happy Independence Day” creates a great indoor or outdoor attraction. For businesses, banners do more than enhance your store presentation, but increases brand awareness a multifold especially if your store happens to be on a parade route. It’s also perfect for those joining the parade. Made from premium vinyl that’s durable and lightweight, our 4th of July banner is comfortable to carry around as you walk down the street or have it proudly displayed on a float.

Show your pride with a banner that shines with patriotism! Our inventory is comprised of impressive design options to meet the demands of homeowners, businesses, and nonprofit organizations alike. Simply pick one of our ready-to-ship banners, set the customizations, and it’ll be made exactly to your request.