Joyeux Noel Banner


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In the darkest days and amidst all challenges that come our way, through war and peace, how do we go about surviving it? The beacon of faith shines through to be our guide, much like the Star of Bethlehem. Where did it lead the Magi or wise men? To that one very special child born right on the first Noel. Share the true meaning of Christmas with our Joyeux Noel Banner and have joyful season.

Synonymous to “Merry Christmas” in English and born out of a Latin derivative that translates to ‘birthday,’ and also often linked to the classic Christmas carol The First Noel, the solemn French greeting is internationally acclaimed. Reminiscent of the poignant but extraordinary and powerful, touching film of a miraculous Christmas event during World War I, this Christmas banner bearing the words Joyeux Noel can create meaningful events.

The unique French-themed decor can help Churches in preparation for their upcoming candle light service. Its presence in your sanctuary can inspire an entire congregation for a more joyous celebration! The prop is equally perfect to hang at business establishments, retail stores, markets, fairs and festivals, parties, reunions, schools, offices, and homes.

Beautiful Joyeux Noel writing and a beribboned tree lined with glittering presents make the greeting stand out as a fabulous holiday photo background. We had the attractive design digitally printed using tech savvy technology and premium ink on durable vinyl material, delivering you with an investment that’s sturdy enough to be used for many years.

Bring warmth and joy to your holiday decor with this vibrant French Joyeux Noel banner, and celebrate the birth of Christ with the whole world!