Happy Easter Banner (Design #2)


  • "Hemming and Grommets" - Banner edges will be folded and hemmed using super strong banner tape AND High quality #2 grommets will be punched into the banner.

    "Hemming Only" - Banner edges will be folded and hemmed using super strong banner tape. No Grommets.

    "Print Only" - No Hemming, No Grommets.

    White Pockets attached to banners with super strong banner tape and grommets; Pipes Up to 1.5 inches

    U shaped Slits for wind

  • If you choose "Yes", a small text "Printed by Updoggbanner" and our logo will be printed in the bottom corner of the banner. You will receive a 5% discount on the banner.

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Eastertide brings an eggs-travaganza of exciting events at home or at work, in schools, churches, and communities. There are countless ways to have Easter fun with eggs- decorating, painting, rolling, hunting, and the list goes on. Make sure to celebrate the joys of the holiday and springtime with the added warmth of a Happy Easter banner!

Give your place a fresh look with our jovial sun-kissed banner. “Happy Easter” comes in bright yellow color in this design. The Easter bunny pops out an abundance of painted eggs and has got them neatly hidden under patches of grass, bushes and shrubs, at the playground, in the cereal box or dollhouse, underneath the couch, inside cookie jars, the fruit bowl, amongst regular eggs and just about anywhere.

You can likewise place your banner wherever you wish. Place it on strategic spots in your business establishment and let the magic of Easter wrap around your location. Customers will start flocking in once they start noticing your brand and soon bask in the holiday-filled atmosphere.

Hang welcoming easter banners on your driveway to greet guests as they enter your home. Promote a fun and light working environment in the office and encourage everyone to participate in different events. Decorate church walls to inspire parishioners during your service and have a more glorious Easter celebration. Pin the banner on the school stage for the perfect Easter setup.

Your celebration will definitely be more festive and eggs-tra special with these two hippity hoppity hares! Get your Happy Easter banner in the perfect size with all the right specifications to suit your preferences.