Memorial Day Banner (Design #1)


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Celebrations honoring the Civil War heroes began year after the war has finally ended. The establishment of the public holiday was primarily meant to unify a national day of remembrance. In tribute to the soldiers who have fought so bravely to protect our freedom, let us show our respect and just how much we care by hanging a solemn Memorial Day banner.

Such a meaningful event can be made more memorable with our blue and white, star-studded banner. The special day comes in full blast, huge and bold letters that were digitally printed across the entire high-class vinyl material. Wherever you are holding your commemoration ceremony or simple gathering of thanks, create perfect photographs with graceful loops and clusters of red stars shining in the pristine white backdrop.

Did you know that the holiday was previously called Decoration Day? It came to be with the traditional practice of mourners wherein they decorated graves of those who died in service with flowers, wreaths, and flags. Incorporate all these symbolic accents together with a Memorial Day banner to end up with a striking theme that touches hearts!

Many companies close for the holiday and the three-day long weekend is a lengthy opportunity for businesses. Are you planning on having a grand sale? Invest first in a banner to set the shopping mood and appropriate environment. Grab people’s attention and make your products, promotions and annual offerings more appealing to dramatically boost sales.

Have a banner ready for the last Monday in May, and make this year’s Memorial Day one to remember!