Memorial Day Banner (Design #2)


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Memorial Day orchestrates a weekend of parades, speeches, graveside ceremonies, family vacations and beach trips. Gatherings big or small, celebrations are meant to be in honor of veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. Pay tribute right in your own home or business place by hanging a significant Memorial Day Banner.

You’ll typically see marching bands, National Guardsmen, Armed Forces members and military vehicles from US wars past lined on the city streets. If you will in fact be part of a parade, help ignite patriotism with the addition of a relevant banner backdrop for the ceremonies and exhibit easier group identification. Banners also serve as a useful aid to block off roads and direct traffic to detours and parking areas.

Store owners will want to plan a Memorial Day sales event, for there’s no perfect time than now to increase visibility. Most people are taking a break from work or school as they welcome the herald of the bright summer days. Let our compelling banner capture their attention and get them into your store through an effective advertising tool, or use as a theme decoration to create a patriotic atmosphere while your customers enjoy shopping.

Our Memorial Day banners deliver a striking message with the holiday displayed in large dark blue lettering. The words are digitally printed in full color on premium vinyl material, with strength comparable to the symbolic shields bearing stars and stripes in red and white. The stellar presentation will produce admirably crisp photographs for school or community events and get-togethers with loved ones. Order yours today!