Memorial Day Banner (Design #3)


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The last Monday of May is set aside for commemorating our soldiers who fought in the Civil War, sacrificing their lives for the priceless freedom we all enjoy. We owe it to the brave military personnel who risked it all in the deadliest war in American history. Come celebrate with people throughout the nation with the bald eagle, chosen for its majestic beauty, great strength, long life and display a Memorial Day Banner.

In celebration, homes and businesses, towns and cities of any size hold various events on Memorial Day. People have different ways of showing respect in honor of the service men who are perhaps loved ones lost. They take the time off work to participate in parades, speeches and ceremonies. Many bask in the freedom they are entitled to and families would often go on vacation, hold picnics and barbecues over the weekend.

Store owners, retail shops, community organizers and festival promoters could make use of colorful stars and stripes banners for any Memorial Day activity. Our products are made from high quality vinyl and digital prints that are built to last and serve its purpose for a good number of years. Encourage patriotism with an attractive decor that creates an awe-inspiring atmosphere. Why not match the nice theme by offering military discounts to get new customers and give support at the same time?

Pay tribute to those who have served, who continue to serve, and show how much you care by setting up Memorial Day banners at your place. Make gatherings livelier and ceremonies more solemn by hanging our patriotic American flag and bald eagle design up high with flying colors!