Memorial Day Banner (Design #4)


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Every Memorial Day, the US flag is briskly raised to the tops of flagpoles. It is then slowly lowered to half-mast in honor of the millions of men and women who have died for our nation. At noon, the flag is raised again to full height, symbolizing the resolve of the living to carry on their country’s soldiers’ fight for freedom. By sunset, it is ceremoniously lowered with dignity and respect. Pay homage on this special occasion with a Memorial Day banner in red, white and blue as you hang the stars and stripes proudly for all to see!

Tons of fun activities await on this three-day weekend, where Americans get fired up for backyard barbecues, camping trips, reunions, sporting events, and shopping sprees. Advertise your upcoming big sale with full-color premium vinyl banners by simply hanging it on strategic areas near your shop or store. Businesses can use Memorial Day banners to effectively and efficiently promote holiday specials such as picnic, beach, camping and spring cleaning supplies and tools. Colorful banners not only attract and direct people to your event, but sets the mood for a patriotic ambiance during their stay at your establishment. Everyone is reminded of the beautiful sacrifice made to protect their freedom.

Show your support for the brave souls who served along with their families, and for the troops who continue to serve. Take advantage of our fast shipping to set up your venue in advance, whether for a grand sales event, solemn Memorial Day celebration, or small get-together. We add extra finishing options according to your desired specifications. Get your banner right when you need it, exactly how you like it!