Happy Thanksgiving Banner (Design #2)


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Welcome the holiday season with a nice Happy Thanksgiving banner bearing the national symbol for Thanksgiving for your business. Representations include autumn leaves, beans, cranberries, corn, pumpkin, cornucopia, black hat, and of course, the turkey whether happily gobbling, roast or baked.

Did you know that there’s one lucky bird spared the terrible and delicious fate every year?

As the mainstay in Thanksgiving celebrations, millions of turkeys typically end up in dinner tables. Tracing history back to Lincoln’s presidency, it seems that some turkeys have something to be thankful for as well. Jack, Tom, Jerry, Biscuits and Gravy, May and Flower, Courage and Carolina, are only to name a few birds that were granted the customary presidential pardon.

In line with the turkeys’ flight to freedom, people are out scouting for the best deals and bargains from the best places around. Some are crossing out their own wish lists while others are doing early Christmas shopping for the perfect gift.

There’s no better time than now to let your presence known to customers. A Happy Thanksgiving banner is one of the most cost-effective and profitable ways to attract shoppers while you effortlessly convey your message to all visitors. More customer attention means more exposure and potentially higher sales.

Our affordable high-quality Thanksgiving banners are equally wonderful decorations for homes, churches, schools, communities, or an entire city to fill with the beautiful historic Thanksgiving ambiance and shower with overwhelming gratitude!

We’ve got a huge selection of pre-designed “Happy Thanksgiving” banners that can be sized and customized to fit your needs. They are pretty easy to hang anywhere and simple to order for your convenience.