Be My Valentine Banner (Design #2)


  • "Hemming and Grommets" - Banner edges will be folded and hemmed using super strong banner tape AND High quality #2 grommets will be punched into the banner.

    "Hemming Only" - Banner edges will be folded and hemmed using super strong banner tape. No Grommets.

    "Print Only" - No Hemming, No Grommets.

    White Pockets attached to banners with super strong banner tape and grommets; Pipes Up to 1.5 inches

    U shaped Slits for wind

  • If you choose "Yes", a small text "Printed by Updoggbanner" and our logo will be printed in the bottom corner of the banner. You will receive a 5% discount on the banner.

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Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the people we care about, which all too often we tend to forget. It serves as a reminder that our family, friends, and loved ones matter most in life. There’s also no better time to let that special someone know that he or she is your one and only! Gather the courage to ask with the help of a “Be My Valentine Banner” to make it even more romantic.

Overflowing with red and pink hearts, this banner design can wrap an entire room in the warmth of love. Many restaurants use it as a backdrop to create the ideal setting for partners to commemorate their relationship and embark on another milestone. With people often wanting to say it with flowers, florists can easily attract customers into their shop with an eye-catchy banner. Valentine’s Day cards, jewelry, boxes of chocolates and champagne are also best sellers. A Valentine’s banner can direct retail shop customers to the right place to find the greatest gift for their Valentine.

A Be My Valentine Banner can do some effortless advertising for any business. Simply hang a fun lovey-dovey background and let couples have fun taking awesome pictures to share with everyone they know. Full-color printing on waterproof and UV protected premium vinyl makes for a wise investment for use on succeeding years’ events. Whether you’re looking to decorate your place or show your totally romantic side, you can never go wrong with a banner that’s been sprinkled with the powerful symbol of love!