I Love U Banner (Design #1)


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One of the many Valentine’s Day legends tell that its origins are in the ancient Roman festival Lupercalia. The pagan fertility celebration was annually commemorated and eventually recast as a Christian feast day. Today, it’s a Day of Love observed throughout the globe where most people exchange cards, sweets and gifts with loved ones and their one and only “Valentine.” This coming February 14th, express how you truly feel with an adorable “I Love U Banner” that says it all!

For those wanting to show his or her romantic self, an ‘I Love U’ banner will render the perfect mood and setting. Proposing with a ring on hand in the most creative way you can think of, amidst the loveliest backdrop, can be the best the sweetest thing on earth! On the other hand, married couples rekindle the fire in their relationship on the very same day. Young hearts wish to nurture their newfound love in different exciting ways.

There’s no better time for flower shops, jewelry, chocolate and candy stores, hotels and restaurants to engage customers. Valentine’s banners can help businesses advertise cool deals on these endearing gifts and their awesome packages. Whether promoting your business, decorating for a special dinner date, or sprucing up your place, an ‘I Love U banner’ is definitely a great choice. With our vast selection of Valentine designs and banner customizations, you’re certain to get one that’s tailored exactly to your liking. Exceptional quality and durability are ensured by full-color prints on premium material you can use indoors or out.