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Making the Most of Grand Opening Banners

Having a grand opening without a banner is not going to make for a very memorable event. Use grand opening banners over the entrance of the new premises to signify the launch, promote your brand, stay top-of-mind for weeks to come and boost business profits in the process. You could even have a few: one for the entrance, one for the parking lot, and another for inside the store itself. You can leave a banner up for weeks before the opening date to get people talking and promote the event on autopilot. Customers will create their impression of your store on their first visit so make a strong first impression with one of our banners that are pre-designed to be eye-catching and memorable.

When opening any new business venture it’s important to make sure that you start things off with a bang. You only get the chance to make a first impression once, so it pays to make it count. This impression is formed when the old business moves out, and you move in. The day you start painting and putting in new fixtures is the perfect time to get some banners up to advertise that you are a new business in the area. This will give you the maximum amount of time to make everyone in the area aware of your presence and what you offer. This applies just as much to the shoppers passing by as the nearby businesses who you may be able to work with in some way.

It’s been shown that businesses who have a proper launch strategy get more business for longer. It helps to create a strong word-of-mouth buzz for your store which will only serve you in the long run.

Grand opening banners are the ideal way to let people know that you’re launching soon. We have many colorful and eye-catching designs to choose from so there is no doubt everyone will know who you are. They can be placed in the parking lot, over your store entrance, inside the store and even in the street. In fact, the more the merrier as it will just get many people aware of you. The goal is to build a buzz and excitement about your store’s opening so on launch day make sure you open early and are fully-staffed. You will most likely be jammed with new shoppers interested in trying out your products or service.

Our grand opening banners use the latest printing technology to ensure they come out vibrant, colorful and eye-popping. This printing process also ensures that they last a long time. We designed them to include graphics like fireworks and balloons to make them really exciting and fun. Placing them in the most high-traffic areas will get you the highest return-on-investment for your banner since more people will see them, so make sure you take advantage of this.