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St. Patrick’s Day Banners Info

March the 17th is a special day that marks the death of St. Patrick, who was mostly responsible for bringing Christianity to Ireland. So go all-out this year and hang St. Patrick’s Day Banners complete with classic messages such as:

• ‘Happy St. Paddy’s Day’
• ‘Happy St. Patrick’s Day’
• ‘Luck of The Irish’
• ‘St. Patrick’s Day Sale’

Our St. Patrick’s day banners have all the symbols associated with the holiday such as shamrocks, leprechauns, pots of gold, rainbows, Irish flags, balloons and of course, plenty of green. You won’t need the luck of the Irish with our banners since they’re made from durable, water-resistant, vinyl and printed with state of the art digital printing techniques. They are sure to last a long time.

Why not throw an ‘End of the Rainbow’ treasure hunt for the kids? You can put up green balloons and have banners to mark off the area of the hunt. A bake sale is another great way to celebrate the holiday. You can make green cupcakes in the shape of shamrocks and have a banner at the top of the stall.

Do you have a bar that’s celebrating the day? Some large green and gold banners out on the street would work wonders to bring people in for a quick beer and remind them to have some fun on this holiday. Another St. Patrick’s day banner behind the bar is a smart move and can help get people in the mood.

When buying decorations for your party, be sure to include at least some white and orange as these are the colors of the Irish flag and will help offset the green everywhere. Some other trinkets that are a good idea include door hangings, shamrock-shaped lights, green beads, plants, tableware, balloons, St. Patrick’s Day or Irish flags, streamers, cut-outs, confetti and table cloths.

You might also want to get some party favors such as hats, shamrock necklaces, face paint and bangles. The drinks can be dyed green too of course with the help of a little food coloring. Don’t forget to play some traditional Irish music at some point. Everyone likes to get their jig on after a few beers. You can play traditional Irish drinking songs, Celtic classics or fiddle music, however, if rock music is more your thing, then why not play some Cranberries?

So have a Guinness and revel in the fun with all your friends this St. Patrick’s Day with a banner from