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Retirement Banners Info

When it comes time to retire from a life of working, it’s a moment to celebrate and enjoy with co-workers, friends and family. A retirement party just isn’t the same without a big banner to declare the event. Retirement banners can unite everyone to come together and honor the retiree. It also helps create a great mood and can help greet guests as well. Our retirement banners come in various sizes.

We offer several retirement banner designs with customization features to make it special. You can choose the size of the banner, the person’s name and whether you want grommets along the top and bottom or not. If the banner you choose is over 5 feet in length it’s highly recommended that you include the grommets. They will keep the banner strong and prevent tearing. It also makes it a lot easier to hang since a larger banner is heavy and unwieldy.

Why not set up the party to be a surprise for them on their last day at the office? They will really appreciate seeing their friends, family and some delicious cake to eat when they arrive. A party for your retiree let’s them know how much you appreciate their years of diligent service and can really start their retirement off on the right foot. A nice touch would be to let the guests all write a message or place their signature on the banner to commemorate the occasion. This turns the banner into a special keepsake, allowing them to conjure up the great memories whenever they wish.

A good retirement banner can be the symbol for a legacy of hard work and dedication. Something to be proud of and look back on with a warm smile. Show how much you appreciate them and this new phase of their life. They would feel good to know that you are there for them, since retirement can be a tricky thing to adjust to after a few decades of routine. Suddenly they will have plenty of free time, so they will want to spend more of it with their family and loved ones.