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Thanksgiving is a merry making event celebrating the joys of sharing, caring and loving. It is symbolic of the oneness of people and is all about togetherness. We bring you this meaningful Give Thanks banner along with the large and festive holiday turkey carrying the US flag.

Black hats with the ruffs, cuffs and buckles represent the English Pilgrims. Uncle Sam, right in the middle, encapsulates the emergence of a different America after the Civil War. Indians, particularly the Wampanoag wearing decorated clothing and quillwork on their heads, harmoniously shared the “First Thanksgiving.”

It may be a myth, yet the most beautiful representation of the friendship and appreciation people show for others no matter how different they may be. History packed into our Give Thanks banner makes it a must-have for schools, churches, communities, homes and offices as it brings life to festivities and relives tradition.

Thanksgiving in today’s modern times not only commemorates the past, but opens up vast opportunities for businesses big and small. Inspire customers as early as possible by hanging our banner leading up to the holiday, reaping its benefits during the season, and once it’s passed with after-Thanksgiving specials and exceptional bargains.

Our Thanksgiving banners are available in various ready-to-ship designs, sizes and customizations to meet your preferences. Reuse your banner decor or marketing tool year after year given the durability of vinyl material, premium ink, and top-notch printing technology we put in it. Order the ‘Give Thanks banner’ message and remind everyone to reflect on their countless blessings!