Happy 4th of July Banner (Design #1)


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In the year 1963, President John F. Kennedy proclaimed, “Let’s ring freedom bells.??? This 4th of July, celebrate with the added fervor of a Happy 4th of July banner and join in the ringing of bells to celebrate the Declaration of Independence!

The Liberty Bell is one of the most prized artifacts in the US, an iconic symbol possessing a crack that’s become part of its character. Featuring the well-recognized symbol of independence, this banner design can effortlessly do advertising for your business in a cost-efficient way. The dignified relic is raised atop the faded background of the 50 white stars and broad stripes in the nation’s flag. Customers can’t help but notice it and will be attracted to go see your shop or store, where they are promptly welcomed with a warm “Happy 4th of July” greeting.

Tradition tells of this 2080-lb bell’s chime that changed the world, which continues to toll in commemoration of historical events. Military events, speeches and parades pay tribute to brave souls who served to keep our nation free. Americans engage in spontaneous activities like cookouts, barbecues, picnics, outdoor activities and gatherings. However and wherever you plan to celebrate Independence Day, make sure to hang our patriotism-inspired 4th of July banners and savor the freedom you now enjoy.

High quality ink and use of the latest printing technology over premium vinyl define our Happy 4th of July banner. These elements serve as solid foundations of a durable investment for all-day and year-round observances of patriotic days. Let love for your country shine during the holiday with a banner hung high and proud to relive the birth of democracy!