July 4th Banner


  • "Hemming and Grommets" - Banner edges will be folded and hemmed using super strong banner tape AND High quality #2 grommets will be punched into the banner.

    "Hemming Only" - Banner edges will be folded and hemmed using super strong banner tape. No Grommets.

    "Print Only" - No Hemming, No Grommets.

    White Pockets attached to banners with super strong banner tape and grommets; Pipes Up to 1.5 inches

    U shaped Slits for wind

  • If you choose "Yes", a small text "Printed by Updoggbanner" and our logo will be printed in the bottom corner of the banner. You will receive a 5% discount on the banner.

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As we prepare to celebrate Independence Day, visions of fireworks, barbecues, Uncle Sam, and images made up of red, white and blue come to mind. It’s that kind of atmosphere that makes us really feel and appreciate our freedom. Get involved and let the festivities kick off with a striking July 4th banner!

White, a clean slate of purity and innocence. Red, a strong shade that signifies hardiness and valor. Blue completes the palette and stands for vigilance, perseverance and justice. What better way to show our pride than the vivid colors that never fail to ignite patriotism? Keep the tradition alive with all the stars representing a new constellation and rows of stripes of our July 4th banner.

Displaying a banner proves to be integral to a business’ success. Your support and participation in the community opens up valuable opportunities for brand awareness and visibility. Hang an attractive banner up high to promote seasonal sales, big discounts, or special events at your store. All you need to do is ensure proper placement, and your banner works its magic in amassing new customers from thousands of attendees of parades, festivals and fireworks. It’s a wise investment that can be used year after year, only to enjoy the benefits each and every time.

Order ready-to-ship, waterproof and UV-protected 4th of July banners for indoors or out. Get the best results when it comes to decorating your float, stage, or establishment. Make your Fourth of July celebration spectacular and provide guests a a fantastic event to remember!